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2002-06-11 Entry: "An Exciting Race"

Two in a row? What's going on? Apart from the fact that I was watching it in very short chunks it was very entertaining - bit before dinner, bit after dinner, bit during the news (as I'd foolishly decided to watch Dante's Peak), bit after the film.

But there was action, there was tension, there were stupid retirements, and there was a disappointing amount of red ferrari on the podium, but at least Coulthard managed second place - which puts him in with a chance at second in the championship.

And yes, Dante's Peak is indeed terrible. It's just been a while since I've seen it. It was the year of two volcano films (like the year of two asteroid movies and the year of two Mars movies), and, much like the asteroid films, they did a scientific one that tried to be vaguely realistic (Deep Impact) and they did an action film that threw science out of the window if necessary (Armageddon).

In the volcano films, the silly actioner was Volcano, and the scientific one was Dante's Peak. Now, with the asteroid ones it almost worked - Deep Impact was a reasonable film, but could have been better if they'd dropped all that flying around in space sillyness and focussed completely on the human stories rather than trying to do both. Dante's Peak doesn't work at all.

Alright, they could have improved it with some eye candy (as Linda Hamilton isn't exactly Miss July), but it tried to put Piers Brosnan up against Tommy Lee Jones and that's just doomed to fail...

The only other highlight of Sunday was that I finished Strange Luck. So unless I'm really keen and eager and do The Fugitive or The Net, that's about it... Yay me!

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