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2002-04-03 Entry: "Okay, Where's the Great Escape?"

Easter Monday. Presumably named for the fact that it's Easter (name stolen from the original pagan festival for the Vernal Equinox), and that it's a Monday (name stolen from the only natural satellite of the Earth). Famous for being the day throughout history when the Great Escape is shown on television. Except it wasn't on. Alright, they made up for it with a Bond film (which is pretty much the next choice), but they'd already done that Sunday, so they were just being repetitive.

Admittedly, I didn't watch the Bond film. Instead, making a pilgrimage to the cinema, I watched what's pretty much the first sequel of the "Year Of Sequels" - Blade 2. Now, I was expecting to be disappointed. They'd have to work pretty hard to beat the first ten minutes of the original. Fortunately, they didn't try. They just produced a middle of the road action film with some very silly monsters. Bringing back Kris Kristofferson (or however his name is spelled) seemed fairly pointless. The new breed of vampire was vaguely threatening for all of ten minutes, and then just became silly, and Blade's sunglasses were indestructible.

I'm not entirely sure who all the dirty dozen are who accompany him - Lou Diamond Phillips was fairly easy to spot, and I vaguely recognized a couple of others but couldn't put a name to them. So, now I check the cast list at IMDB, and no Lou Diamond Phillips. Instead we have people I should have remembered like Ron Perlman (who I still can't equate with the guy in Beauty and the Beast), and Danny John-Jules (who I recognized at the time and then promptly forgot about). The lead actress, Leonor Varela looked extremely familiar from somewhere, but the only film in her filmography I've seen is The Tailor of Panama, and as that was pretty much a Bond film without the action scenes, I've just about managed to block the experience from memory. Obviously she looks like someone else, but I can't think who.

On my return, I stupidly watched Hook. Now, it's got Julia Roberts in it, but otherwise isn't all that great. The only things to note from the experience are that the young girl looks suspiciously like Denise Richards (but obviously isn't as she's way too young, and her name's different), and that the girl from Sliding Doors is in it. Gwyneth Paltrow. Alright, it's pretty much a blink and you'll miss it part, but she's in there...

Admittedly, I may be misremembering bits of Monday - I operated on very little sleep that day, managing only four hours before finding myself wide awake. Although it was more than a little odd, it did give me a chance to finish another book, so it wasn't totally unproductive tossing and turning pretending I was going to get back to sleep.

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