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2002-04-03 Entry: "The Truth"

Tuesday dawned - and it was damned cold. Admittedly, with the clocks having changed, it was an hour earlier than before, but as I'd forgotten, it was a bit of a shock to the system.

I have a feeling that although the clocks have changed, the one controlling the heating in the house hasn't been. Either that or it's just been turned off for my room. I am at the end of the circuit, so my radiator is the last to heat up and the first to cool down, but it's usually warm for some of the time. Every time I've checked Monday and Tuesday, it was cold - completely cold. Fortunately, the electrical equipment manages to put out enough heat to make the room bearable, to it isn't the end of the world...

Although I intended to get lots of work done this week (while the boss is away), Tuesday's productivity was low. And then we got an error - a nasty error. An error that shows the code to be so mind bogglingly stupid it's amazing. And it's been there for quite a while. Fortunately, it proved relatively trivial to fix, but still took me away from the "work to be finished before Dallas." So I was not amused.

Tuesday evening saw movement of Earth 2 from tape to CD. I did the two episodes I didn't much like (the Tim Curry ones) while watching A Few Good Men, but my sister spotted the guy, asking if he'd been in such and such... I can't remember what it was she picked him out of - I had The Net (the series) in mind, but having checked his IMDB listing, my sister's query was about Clue (the film).

Of course, you only actually watch A Few Good Men for the Jack Nicholson speech at the end, but it's great every time. You Can't Handle The Truth!

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