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2002-04-03 Entry: "Easter Sunday"

Jesus apparently rose from the dead. Well, okay, some guy in history at some point, who was nailed to a cross and then put in a cave, got up for a bit of a walkabout. He didn't stay up for long (about 24 hours in fact), and his initial death may have been misreported (tabloid journalism in those days probably being about as good as it is today), so it could be that he was just feeling a bit peaky from having been nailed to a couple of bits of wood, and wanted to lay down in a nice cool cave.

And we get a day to remember this. Well, maybe. There was lively family debate over whether Sunday was actually the day he rose from the dead. Deciding that it probably was, we proceeded to discussing what a non-entity his step-father was in all this - he pretty much disappeared from the story about the time Jesus overturned the tables in the temple. If Jesus didn't think you should be selling things in the house of God, I bet he would have had a few things to say about gift shops in cathedrals...

The only other notable events on this day were a grand prix (Brazilian), where the result went pretty much as expected, and me succeeding in filling the hard disk again, and having to write a load of episodes out to CD. There doesn't appear to be a single other memorable event of that day... but I guess, guys allegedly rising from the dead pretty much takes the cake, and everything else is small fry in comparison.

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