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2002-03-01 Entry: "Mental Block"

I'm not entirely sure how I managed to miss yesterday... I was here, I had every intention of writing something, and then by the end of the afternoon, I obviously assumed I had written something and that was that. But checking this morning - nope, no Thursday entry!

Somehow I managed to persuade myself that I'd written here. Instead, I'd left a hole where Thursday should have been. Not that I actually had anything that urgently needing saying, you understand. It's just the principle of the thing.

Anyway, today will have to make up for it...

I'm not entirely sure what I did Wednesday evening - I know I watched Smallville (which wasn't a bad episode - "Hug" for reference), and I watched the new series of ER at 9, but the intervening time appears to have been lost. I may have watched an episode of Now And Again (and transferred it to CD) but I can't actually remember.

My memory isn't always this bad, but for the little things, the unimportant things, I have almost no recall, even a day after the event. I only tend to remember something if it's amusing, or suitably arcane that no-one else is likely to know it, or if it's word related - I'm good with words, or at least I'm good with remembering their usage and their etymology, but less good with actually stringing coherent sentences together. I proved yesterday that my maths skills (not heavily used over the past few years) are slowly deserting me, when I was asked how you divide matrices - I could remember the multiplication, and I could remember how to transpose them, but calculating the inverse had me lost. Fortunately it was a question from my brother rather than something I needed to do, so it wasn't too problematic that I couldn't remember. It would have been a bit embarrasing if I was doing graphics work though...

Last night's Buffy and Angel double were actually reasonably good. The transcripts haven't done justice to some of this series and where I was expecting poor episodes, I found some entertainment. Question Time was a write off - after the requisite Steven Byers question, they didn't really cover anything substantial. About the most rant-worthy item was the question about whether introducing more faith schools leads to more segregation (which, duh!).

So, nothing of note there. And now, a weekend. Two days off, in which I have to get a haircut, get a passport application sorted out, and sort out any further trips I have to make before going to the US (like grandparents in Norfolk, or friends in Cardiff). Other than that, nothing major. It's not as if I've got to invade Iraq or anything!

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