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2002-03-05 Entry: "Missing Monday"

Admittedly, I missed another day... Monday in this instance. This one wasn't through sheer absent mindedness; purely through me doing other things and not getting around to it.

I'm not entirely comfortable writing this at my desk at work... I feel rather exposed doing it; but without access from home, I don't have a lot of choice in the matter. So, I'll have to carry on in this vein - write at lunch times when the foot traffic is lower.

My distraction yesterday was me reading "Narcissus In Chains" - I've got it sitting in a browser window behind everything else to read when I'm bored (or just can't be bothered to solve the current error immediately). Unfortunately, I keep getting sucked into it and have to tear myself away (usually when foot traffic appears, so it's not all bad).

I've been on a re-read trip over the past week; I own all the Anita Blake books, but having electronic copies means I can read them when I'm supposed to be doing other things. Having read "Narcissus" at work, I dug out the rest and proceeded to read them all. This also persuaded me to read "A Kiss Of Shadows" which I've had kicking around for too long unread.

I didn't find it quite as engrossing as the Anita Blake books, although it seems to be much in the same vein - thinly veiled plots as an excuse for sex, which is where the Anita books seem to have gone. "Narcissus" seems to be sex for most of the book... or maybe that's just what I remember from first reading.

Meanwhile, I should really be reading all the other books on my shelf that I haven't read (and probably don't have the space to take to the US). I have a habit of buying books I intend to read before having finished the ones I'm on. As such, I've got rather a backlog. This hasn't been helped by the fact that I bought two more on Sunday.

I'm not sure exactly how many I've got to read, somewhere around 30 would be my ballpark figure, but I guess I could work it out...

Lets see then:
Mirror Image (Quantum Leap novel)
8 Star Trek novels
Tales of the Slayer volume 1
Ice Station Zero (or whatever it's called... impulse buy that probably won't be very good)
Without Remorse by Tom Clancy
Hannibal (hardback)
Merrick and Blood And Gold by Anne Rice (both hardback)
American Gods by Nial Gaiman
The Wildship Traders trilogy by Robin Hobb (I've resisted buying the first book in the new trilogy so far, The Tawny Man or whateve the title is)
4 Dragonlance novels (at least, I think it's four)
3 Forgotten Realms novels (The Siege, Black Wolf, and Sea Of Swords)
5 Agatha Christie novels (which I now own as I've been buying the partwork with the novels - the comic isn't very good, but the hardbacks are probably cheaper than I'd get them elsewhere)

There may be more, but those are the obviously outstanding ones.

This list also shows a trend in my reading habits - I don't tend to read anything particularly heavy. They're mostly light fluffy, brain free reads. It's not a case of not being able to read the heavy stuff, it's more that I don't want to - I tend to read in short snippets (half an hour here and there), or devour the book in a single sitting. As the former tends to turn into the latter at about 10pm at night, the books have to be fairly easy to get through so that I'm not up until 2am bleary eyed and trying to focus on the next word. More sleep needed...

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