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2002-02-27 Entry: "Foot Picking"

Last night saw me watching "The French Connection." So far I've only watched half an hour of it (so an hour to go). My sister and I voted out at this point. So far, the film has been incredibly slow. We've seen a bust in a bar, an interrogation (that's supposedly famous, for the line I've abbreviated in the title), and the stars tailing a guy in a car. Plus there's quite a lot of French.

Now, for a classic, I thought a bit more would have happened by now. I know the pace of films has picked up in recent years, but this is ridiculous. I'm sure to find time to watch the rest, but it'll be a tough decision based upon the first third.

The only moment of amusement, amid the interrogation scene, was to find my sister picking her feet while watching it.

The last couple of entries have been a little half-hearted. I seem to be rather tired at present, and can't even work up the energy for a good rant. Nothing in the news has really caught my eye. Politicians are lying - big news there! No progress has yet been made on Dallas (other than the agreement that it was on). I haven't done anything else exciting to merit comment. Dull, dull, dull...

Tonight's highlight is the new series of ER coming to Channel 4. All I know so far is they're bringing back Susan Lewis, but whether she'll still be as hot as the first series, where she was basically the only female of note, is debatable. We'll see anyway. It's a good thing that something watchable has been put on terrestrial for a Wednesday, as that seems to be football night at the moment, making Sky a non-issue. Of course, I should be doing something drastic, like going out, but I can't change everything at once!

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