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2002-01-23 Entry: "Mail Order"

I finally contacted Maplin yesterday about the suspicious absence of my fan. Here I am, itching to perform the upgrade, and the delay in the arrival of the fan is starting to get annoying.

It turned out that they actually had some in stock, and it was just the IDE cables that I'd also ordered that they had a problem with - they'd received some but sent them back for some reason. Next batch should arrive Friday according to the helpline girl, so either Saturday or Monday should see me performing major PC surgery.

In other mail order stories, the X-Files season 1 dvd boxed set arrived yesterday from Australia. My theory was that ordering from Oz would lead to a significant saving, which it would have done if customs hadn't arbitrarily charged me an extra 12 pounds import duty. This is one of those completely random taxes that parcels from abroad may or may not get levied against them; some do, some don't.

I'm wondering which of the Highlander DVD sets will get caught for tax. It appears I'm likely to have two coming, as my credit card statement from December shows I was charged for the first one (even though I got no confirmation of the order). So, not seeing any sign of it by mid-January, and having received no confirmation, I ordered another one. I did receive a confirmation this time, so there are probably two on the way. Considering the complaints about dealing with the store on the newsgroups, I'm guessing I won't have too much trouble shifting the second set. What would I do with two sets of Highlander Series One after all?

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