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2002-01-22 Entry: "Recoverable Accident"

After a minor accident and a major panic yesterday, I think everything's back to normal. I accidentally overwrote the site with an old backup, and didn't have newer backup to get me out of the mess. This led to an hour's panic where I tried to work out what I'd done and how horrible the problem was.

It wasn't too bad - all but the earliest journal entries (made with Blogger) were easily regenerated, and even the earlier ones were eventually recoverable (I found a second copy lurking on the site... must tidy up at some point).

The only tricky page was the graveyard, which I'd lost the main text from. Fortunately, I could steal the newer version back from the Google cache, so that's also back.

Must keep decent backups! Not that I'm particularly diligent at this... perhaps I should make it a weekly thing...

Anyway, everything should be working - shout if it isn't...

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