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2002-01-24 Entry: "Leeds, Bands And Television"

The latest attempt at a trip to Leeds appears to be going ahead as scheduled. Barring fire, or flood, or rain of toads, I'll be going up Friday 1st and coming back on the Sunday. Of course, based on previous experience, one of these disasters is likely to occur, but you never know.

Meanwhile I'm receiving plugs for a ThreeForTenPound gig in London next Wednesday. I'm fairly sure I'll not be going to that - I've not seen them before and it'd be nice to catch up with Sarah, but I'd prefer to do it in an environment I'm comfortable in rather than random club somewhere, where she's likely to be the only person I know. So I'll suggest alternative dates and see what happens...

Being caught late at work meant Smallville wasn't seen last night - I'll have to catch one of the three repeats the show gets. Meanwhile, a reset of the Sky Box fixed the auto-switching problem: If you set up a programme to come on automatically and the box was off at the time, the box correctly switched on and went to the right channel, but didn't output a signal. You actually had to physically turn it on again to get a signal out. Fortunately, a reset worked, but it conspired against my attempts to tape VR.5 - taping this show appears doomed to failure, what with the box not working and people interfering with it...

I did however get another episode of Now And Again last night - only six to go now. This'll make up for the evil ITV station which arbitrarily stopped showing it mid-series. It may be getting marginally silly that whatever he does, he ends up meeting his wife there, but for the short run it works quite effectively. Plus, he actually went on a mission last night (which I think makes the second in 16 episodes). Definitely would have been a show to keep around (but then, I think that about most of these shows that got cancelled after a single series). Stupid network executives...

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