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2002-01-14 Entry: "When The Mice Are Away..."

The cat will do as little as humanly possible...

As the parents are skiing for a week, visiting grandparent has gone home, brother has gone back to university, and sister was staying elsewhere so she could get to work on time, I had the house to myself all weekend (well, all of Saturday and Sunday).

So I let my hair down, relaxed, and camped in front of the tv for most of the time, even going so far as to have food delivered to the door on the Saturday. Ahh the decadence of it!

Alright, so it wasn't very productive, but it was certainly nice to be able to do it. I managed to watch no end of rubbish (including all the Bond docus on DVD I hadn't gotten around to, which was only three, but felt like more...).

Probably the highlight was last night's action comedy "Chill Factor," which saw Cuba Gooding Jr and Skeet Ulrich trying to escape guys with guns in a refrigerated truck. It wasn't mentally taxing but remained entertaining throughout, much like the film I watched subsequently, "Mimic."

The only problem with Mimic is that I tend to dream about big bugs for the following three or four nights, and being at home alone doesn't help matters!

I probably watched some other stuff that requires comment, but I don't remember it! My memory isn't always this bad (just fairly frequently), but things I don't deem particularly important tend to fall by the wayside in favour of entertaining trivia. It's not as if I can blame poor memory on lack of mental stimulation, as I did surprisingly well on my solo crossword attempt. I've just about reached the point where inspiration or assistance from another is needed, so it may sit idle for a week.

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