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2002-01-15 Entry: "Not A Rant"

I'm feeling fairly vituperative over the American handling of their "Not Prisoners Of War" being held in Cuba. I don't really care what nationality they are (so the fact that three are British nationals is irrelevant).

However, I can't work up the enthusiasm for a really good rant at present, and it's not as if anyone can change Dubya's position on the issue (although, I'd have been impressed if we'd had "Death By Pretzel" - the sort of way you want your leaders to go!).

Work is slow and dull. There's been no movement in the Dallas transfer operation, so I still have no idea what's going on... must track down HR girl and find out...

Also, they've decided to change the performance measurements here at the Phone Company, so no-one gets pay-rises. This is really downsizing by the back door, as people will be too pissed off to stay and they'll get the numbers down without the "X To Sack 20000" headlines. Not that we can afford to lose all those people, as we haven't actually got enough for the work that needs to be done. But there's nothing new there - must protect shareholders; must give them more wonga each year.

I was supposed to have thawed chicken thing for dinner last night; I'd dutifully got it out of the freezer and left it defrosting for 24 hours. So, I arrived home last night and took a look at it - it looked horrible; my sister was delayed at work so wasn't eating, so I took the safe option and got a take away. This makes four in four days (Chinese Friday; Pizza Saturday; Indian Sunday; Fish & Chips Monday) which is fairly extravagent, especially as it'll be take away again on Saturday. So just Tuesday to Friday with proper home cooked meals (or whatever passes for it once sister and I have gone shopping).

So fish and chips, followed by Enterprise (Fight Or Flight - the Hoshi episode, which I thought was okay, but my boss disliked again), followed by the new series of Dark Angel, which, after seeing Mutant X, actually resembles good television. This was followed by the X-Files, which I wasn't intending to watch. Unfortunately, it was an episode I think is very funny - I can't remember the title, but it's about the fifth series and it has a town full of vampires. The story is told by both Scully and Mulder in turn, each giving their own version of events (which differ markedly). Of course, the best bit is where Mulder tries to stop the camper van - shoot out the tyres, hang on to the back, and then watch it run out of petrol and stop. Great episode - this was when the X-Files still had stories to tell and the conspiracy vaguely sort of didn't make sense.

And my sick grandparent had her hospital appointment - unfortunately the biopsy results weren't good so they're putting her through chemotherapy. I think she's strong enough to cope with it, and they're giving her ten more years if things go to plan (she's 79 now), so she could be with us a good deal longer...

And the news is full of how our health service is age-ist, and doesn't bother treating the elderly as they'll die soon anyway... doesn't sound like it to me!

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