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2002-01-11 Entry: "TV And DVD Woes"

I settled down last night to watch the season six Buffy premiere on Sky. My sister joined me. Now, I'd already seen a downloaded version a couple of months ago (in midget computer vision), but was willing to sit through the full screen alternative.

Firstly, I'll point out that what I've seen and read of this series (seen about four episodes, read transcripts up to episode 9 or so, whichever one Wrecked is) hasn't impressed me very much. The only people who apparently have a storyline are Buffy and Willow, and Buffy is still the same whiney annoying character she has been for the last two series.

So, Bargaining (parts 1 and 2) - it's not all that great. Part 1 consists of scene setting, but practically nothing happens. The only moment of note as far as character development is concerned is Willow getting the final ingredient (I won't spoil the story for those who haven't seen it). Sky decided to cut this scene out completely.

What's more, the broadcast quality was terrible - the picture kept freezing, losing sound, and had loads of compression artifacts. So, big disappointment all round.

Best line goes to Tara with her Mutant Enemy monster impression...

Much better was the Enterprise pilot (Broken Bow), which, although I'd seen a reasonably high quality downloaded version, was still very watchable. My Boss at the Phone Company didn't think much of it, but I thought it was quite a promising start. See earlier entries for a full diagnosis.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to chase up the DVD that went missing over Christmas. I tried to order Armageddon Special Edition on DVD for my sister. I own the original edition, but as she's a big Bruce Willis fan, I thought I'd get her the SpecEd. Unfortunately, when it arrived no one was home to receive it, so it went away again (recorded delivery). This shouldn't be a problem as the depot is just down the road and you have seven days to retrieve it from them. It was a problem when the postman didn't leave a card to say he'd tried to deliver it, so I didn't know to collect it. When I finally did track down that they'd tried to deliver it (via cunning web-site tracking features), I missed it at the depot by one day. So now I've got proper web access again, I've got to track down what the company I bought it from have done with the return and get it sent out again. I'll probably get stung by postage somewhere here... which should get passed straight on to Royal Mail as its their fault things didn't go to plan.

I've also found time to go over future DVD releases and put in pre-orders for the ones I'm definitely planning to buy. I've gone up to mid-March, and had to reject a number of films that were "maybe - maybe not." I still managed to order nearly three hundred and fifty pounds worth though! Right at the start of March is the biggest hit - Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 1 and Angel Series 2 on the same day... not fun...

I was fairly careful in my selections - I'm restricting mainly to TV shows rather than films and the full pre-order list at present (alphabetically) is:
Angel Series 2
The French Connection 1 & 2 collectors set
Futurama Series 1 (I managed not to succumb to the Simpsons, but this was a must have)
Groundhog Day (Special Edition)
Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy
Robin Of Sherwood Series 1
Robocop Boxed Set (all three films)
Stargate SG-1 Volume 19 (end of Season 4)
Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 1
Xena Series 2 First Half

And I managed to leave off Memento, Ladyhawke, and the Babylon 5 movies (which may get added once the one or two disk issue is resolved).

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