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2002-01-10 Entry: "New Year Agony"

Anyone who gets the impression that I did very little over the Christmas break would be exactly right. I had a list as long as my arm of ideas, projects, things to chase up, and general fluff, and I failed to do anything. Okay, this isn't entirely true - I did manage to transfer about six video tapes worth of various shows to CD. But this isn't exactly sterling work from three weeks off...

New Year, and the couple of days following it, were a wash out anyway. My one remaining, non-visible wisdom tooth decided that it wanted to make a break for freedom - it isn't quite there yet, but progress was made. The problem with this was that my mouth really didn't have room for another tooth, so it had to push all the others forwards a bit to make any movement upwards. This left me in rather a lot of pain - once I succummed and dosed with Nurofen it was just about bearable, but I was still unable to eat on about half my mouth.

Fortunately, it only lasted three days, so I didn't quite make it to the "Dentist Threshold," but I came pretty close.

See, I haven't actually ever been to the dentist (barring one trip at age 11 or 12 where he gave me nasty blue tablets that were supposed to show how hard it was to brush teeth all over - all they succeeded in doing was staining my tongue blue for a week - everything I tried wouldn't get the damned stuff off!). I know I could probably do with going, but I'm of the opinion that they'd try and do more than absolutely necessary. Other than New Year, I've managed to avoid any pain with them whatsoever, so my theory is to leave them alone. Maybe it's sticking my head in the sand and one of these days they'll all erupt in pain and I'll be unable to move...

Even the two I've seriously chipped haven't caused me any trouble - which is scary really considering the lengths I have to go to to dig food out of them after every meal - I could probably get a small child lodged in one of them...

And I'm guessing my heavy coke diet doesn't help matters - I was getting through two litres a day at one point at university. I'm down to about a pint now (half a litre), but it's still almost certainly too much.

But, only time will tell... maybe I'll get them looked at before I go to the US (whenever that might be!) - it'll almost certainly be cheaper to do it in this country...

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