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2001-12-20 Entry: "Home For The Holidays"

Christmas shopping was finished yesterday - although there has been one hiccough. The films ordered by my sister were supposed to come recorded delivery. However, one of them didn't appear as expected, so I chased up the delivery number. It appears they tried to deliver it when no-one was in and returned it to the sorting office - they didn't leave a card to say they'd tried to deliver it however. On checking with the sorting office today, I found the package had been returned to sender after being held for 7 days. Which means I'm now one short, and have to chase up this package with the bunch I bought it from...

Meanwhile, I managed to buy more stuff for myself when I was supposed to be getting presents for others. This included a purchase of "The Sims" which I proceeded to try and play today - unfortunately, all the documentation is on a disk, so I've not yet had a chance to read them... and I'm confused.

The interface is probably really easy to use once you get used to it, but so far I'm clicking buttons trying to get back to displays that were seen during the tutorial. I'm getting there slowly, but I'm not sure how to accomplish much... we'll see how it goes (or whether I even continue playing it much).

There was one moment of amusement though - one of the Sims tried to prepare dinner, and managed to burn down half of her kitchen in the process... which was a little scary - all these Sims screaming and shouting, and the phone unavailable behind the fire...

Tomorrow should see a trip to Lord Of The Rings...

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