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2001-12-18 Entry: "Home For The Holidays"

Finally - the last working day of the year!

Of course, with shopping tomorrow, and hospital visits Thursday, it isn't all plain sailing, but I'll definitely be glad to start the day at my own time rather than someone else's.

So, plans for Christmas - well, they pretty much depend upon what our ailing grandparent is up to. It appears that they're going to try and get her out of the hospital before Christmas (presumably to free up the bed for any rush that occurs). I'd guess that she'll then be home with someone visiting for general care and stuff; which'll obviously mean a change in plans so we can visit repeatedly.

Christmas Eve appears to be spoken for - as long as the place actually let us in and aren't doing some stupid ticket type deal. Things could fall apart rapidly if they are, so I'm hoping my brother can check some time this week. I'm not sure exactly what'll happen if plan A falls through... we shall see in 6 days time!

With usual short term planning, not a thing has been mentioned about New Years as yet, which is good, as it's a miserable holiday anyway! New Years Eve is only a big fuss if you're actually in a relationship with somebody. For further commentary, see Friends (whose New Years episodes when they're alone are some of the funnier).

And presumably, in this less than busy schedule, I'll have to fit in a cinema trip, to see if the Lord of the Rings film lives up to any of the hype. It's fortunately a few years since I read the book, so any liberties they take with the storyline should happily pass me by. For no obvious reason, it's released tomorrow - films here usually get released on a Friday, so this one stands out as a mid-week release. Whether this ties up with a release in the US or not I don't know, and I'm obviously not bothered enough to check. So, apathy reigns as usual!

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