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2002-01-07 Entry: "Happy New Year"

It is back that I am... fresh from a long holiday (where, somehow, I managed to actually add an entry). I may end up being slightly prolific over the next week or so while I catch up on Christmas stories and what-not, but otherwise it'll be business as usual (and with Sky launching their new schedule this and next week there's likely to be Buffy/Angel/Enterprise commentary, as well as anything else I manage to see).

So what happened? Well, Christmas mainly - spent at home with the folks. Not that this is different to where I spend the rest of the time, but it does illustrate that I didn't do something extravagant and go away somewhere. We had a very full house, with both siblings and one grandparent, but managed to avoid any sort of big family party (due to said grandparent recovering from major surgery).

Present-wise, well, books mostly (which, admittedly I do a reasonably good job of buying myself) - I concluded yesterday that my bookshelf is now full. You see, there are two hardbacks that I'm planning to buy which'll fill up one shelf, and the only other space I have will need the clay fish to find a new home. This bookshelf is over-full.

It's 6 shelves deep (not including the fact that it has a flat top, thereby giving a seventh shelf for all those large hardback books that don't fit anywhere else). The bottom shelf has CDs (both music and computer magazine cover disks) at the back (two rows high). In front of these are books (sort of wedged in as there isn't really space for a row of books). The shelf above is two rows of books deep, but the back row are my brother's and I'm not allowed to touch those. The shelf above is also two rows deep, and the small amount of space above these are filled with hardbacks (with space for the two mentioned above).

The next shelf up has hardbacks at each end (so negating the two row deep possibility), but the small number of paperbacks in the middle (about 10) are wedged two rows deep (and there are books stacked on top of them). The shelf above is back to paperbacks, again two rows deep and stacked on top. This shelf holds the fish, so I've got a little bit of space (about 10 books I'd estimate). The top shelf (and the one that's taken the most punishment) has D&D books filling half of it, and then paperbacks stacked as high as they'll go at the other end.

Basically this means I need a new bookcase (which means I need to move out), especiall y when I'm using a shelf and a half of my parent's bookshelf on the landing purely for Pratchett books (although, as this one is seen by other people, it has to be neat, so books are one row deep and shelved neatly)!

And the last thing I'm going to do is throw any away - you just don't do that with books...

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