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2001-12-17 Entry: "Full House"

Saturday saw my brother's return from University, so we're up to a full house. He'd not even been home for 24 hours and already he was in a fight with the wicked stepmother. Something to do with washing - I try to keep out of these things...

Other than this, the weekend was very slow. I spent most of it getting through half the first season of Angel (DVDs), including the two commentaries. Actually, one and a half of the commentaries, as the second was dreadful (just commenting on what was on screen, no juicy production comments or writing anecdotes).

This culminated in "Miss Congeniality" with both siblings last night (which was dubbed a "bonding session" by our passing parent). It's not a bad film, fairly light and fluffy, and I was doing better at predicting the storylines than my brother. The top three places in the pageant were, I thought, fairly predictable, but maybe that's just me. Michael Caine was watchable but nothing to write home about, and Sandra Bullock didn't have a great deal to do. The whole dowdy FBI agent to beauty queen thing is a bit of a joke when you know you've got Ms. Bullock hiding under that frizzy hair. It'd be like taking Cameron Diaz from "Being John Malkovich" and pretending it'd be hard to make her look beautiful. Not all that difficult. It was a reasonable comedy, but could have done with a few more laughs.

And now, only two working days until holiday (and I'll be glad of the rest, even if I'm doing a damned good job of not actually doing anything at work at the moment). Of course, with Wednesday and Thursday already booked, my holiday doesn't really start until Friday, but the really early mornings stop tomorrow!

I'm not entirely sure what'll happen with entries here over the break. I'd like to continue updating, but it depends upon intermittent internet access, and I'd rather family didn't know this was here for now. That means far more subterfuge than I can easily countenance, but a few entries may be possible. Otherwise, it'll be business as usual on the seventh of January (plus tomorrow's entry of course).

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