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2001-11-30 Entry: "Once in a Blue Moon"

210 FM have stolen my idea... well, okay, they haven't really, but they've decided to dedicate today to the moon, with various prizes and things. I just thought it'd be an amusing evening out with people I hadn't seen in a while - we get together once in a blue moon!

So tonight is the second full moon in November - according to my almanac it's at 20:40 hours, but I'm not entirely sure how this works - is that 8:40 for everyone, or 8:40 GMT, and then a bit earlier / later depending upon how far from the meridian you are? Not being bothered enough to actually draw the celestial mechanics and work it out, I'll have to survive not knowing.

Last night's dinner decision turned into Chinese Takeaway (unsurprisingly really - I guessed my sister wouldn't want to go out for a pub meal). Note to self - Kung Po Chicken is hot - you'd have thought the "(Hot)" disclaimer added to the menu would give it away, but this was definitely sinus-clearing hot. Not bad though.

I'm also now half-way through Buffy season 3, having managed to get to the end of the delightful "Gingerbread" last night. So only three more disks to go - but I'm starting to wonder where the commentary tracks are, as I haven't actually encountered any yet... they must be hiding somewhere...

Back to tonight, and the plan goes something like this - train to Reading for 8pm-ish, before attempting to get into Brannigans (after a couple of hours in a more sedate pub-type environment)... there should be half a dozen of us - well, the responses were one yes (one plus boyfriend), with an appended "we'll try to drag along someone else," one maybe, one "if I'm in the country," one "if I'm not knackered from the good food show" (which'll be a no based upon past performance), and one definite no. There've been two complete silences. So, it should be a fairly small turnout, but does give me a chance to wear my nice new (hideously expensive) leather jacket out into a public setting.

Now I've just got to hope that trains are running (as they tend to be more than a little flaky at this time of year, what with leaves on the track and all), and that people do actually turn up... news as and when (well, Monday!).

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