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2001-11-29 Entry: "Ever Decreasing Timescales"

The major job I've got to finish at the Phone Company before they transfer me to Dallas is going well so far (which probably means it'll all come crashing down about my ears fairly shortly).

I was required to break it down into small chunks to give a reasonable estimate for timescale. This meant I finished about mid-February. However, the first four jobs on the list (one week, 3 days, 2 days, and 2 weeks respectively) seem to have taken much less time than I estimated. I'm probably doing something wrong, but so far it's taken four days to do four weeks work... Obviously my estimates were completely out of whack.

Meanwhile, in less work related events, I managed another two episodes of Buffy, plus watching Mutant X and Enterprise last night (so I was right - totally unproductive). Mutant X was vaguely entertaining, if a little silly, and I'm still not convinced it's doing anything clever enough to save it from the axe (but worse shows have been renewed before, so I'll probably be wrong... I just wish it would be original...).

The second episode of Enterprise (or the third, depending on whether the pilot is one or two) was also good - I'm now waiting patiently for it to appear on actual television stations over here so I can see it in full screen, non-fuzzy glory. I've got the third episode also digitized, but so far it's been vastly better than that Voyager tosh.

And today, the age-old takeaway debate has started - stepmother is out, so we've got to cope with a takeaway for the three of us who are in (father, sister, and myself). Fish is out (as we had that Tuesday), so the vote seems to be Chinese or pub meal at the moment. Now, I'd quite like a chinese, but we usually have microwaved curry stuff on a Friday, so it might be a bit similar. So we're probably going to end up with pub food...

And we're up to one yes (which is likely to be three yesses in actuality), one maybe if I'm not tired (which'll be a no, based on past effort), and one no (which I was expecting as getting back from Portsmouth is beyond the call of duty). So it looks like it's worth me going...

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