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2001-12-03 Entry: "Weekend Snippets"

Friday started with the inevitable nervousness - enough for a lepidopterist convention. Going into town solo for social type events is probably my biggest hangup - not knowing if people are going to bother showing and then being stuck with the "wait a bit longer, stay out and try to meet people, or call it a night" dilemma is not really what I want on a Friday...

Anyway, made it into town (trains were running to time), and then had to queue for a ticket as the evil ticket conductor on the train didn't bother doing our carriage. He probably couldn't be bothered... and instead left us with a massive queue at Reading.

Then had to hang around in a pub for twenty minutes, nursing my beer, before anyone else turned up (which, fortunately, they did). Total turnout of four people, based on expected figures, was about right...

Anyway, instead of going on to a club (not really a club, more just a bar with music and dancing), we stayed where we were for the night - got all caught up on the news and stuff. We even threatened a Christmas meal, but Debbie got the job of organising it, so I can just wait and see.

Saturday brought test results - suffice it to say that stepmother was crowing that she knew I'd get in. I'm convinced they did something wrong when they marked it, as some of those answers were rubbish!

I managed to do exactly nothing for the rest of the weekend - I'm all caught up with Buffy (season 3 DVDs now finished), most of the way through the Stargate disk (1 ep to go), which only leaves half a season of Xena and a couple of films... which I'd better get done this week before the rush on the 10th.

Sunday, due to football negating personal video access (as I had to tape it while parentals took grandparent into hospital, and the downstairs recorder is seriously on the fritz) I managed to spend at least a few minutes on my work of Interactive Fiction . I tidied up ideas for the second section, which really doesn't need to be quite so sprawling... it just needs a little bit more tightening up for realism, and then I should be ready to get on with actually coding it...

And so, we're into another week... and Jette's HoliDailies seem to have a large number of takers - good job I didn't intend to read them all! 79 sites all intending to update every day in December... obviously I couldn't participate due to lack of weekend entries... plus probably intermittent entries while on holiday...

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