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2001-11-28 Entry: "Backlog"

Last night was a write-off in the accomplishing anything stakes. Arriving home, I found another Stargate DVD waiting for me (well, okay, I found it after dinner when I watered the hanging basket from hell, but who's keeping track!).

Adding this to the stack of disks to watch showed up an unfortunate problem... I've got rather far behind. I usually try to watch a disk in the week it arrives, but due to a crazy bit of purchasing in October (almost all of Farscape), plus the disks that arrived while I was on holiday, the stack has grown.

So it now consists of the aforementioned Stargate disk (the penultimate of Series 4 for anyone who cares), Buffy series 3 (the nicely packaged, but marginally cut, region 2 release), the second half of Xena series one (which isn't really the second half as they ordered the episodes alphanumerically, 10 coming before 2), Godfather parts 2 and 3, Princess Mononoke, and possibly something else... this of course, doesn't include the disks I've given up on getting around to, and put in the "I'll watch it when I feel like it" pile - which has at least five entries (Die Hards 2 and 3, Lawrence of Arabia, V and Captain Scarlett). Anyone thinking at this point I've got a serious addiction is probably correct... but film purchases at least seem to be on the decline. So it's only the TV series getting full boxed set treatments that are still on the cards - which unfortunately includes Angel (December 10th), Highlander (December 10th), The Champions (if Carlton ever get around to the next disk), presumably Star Trek TNG when it's released next year, and I've got my eyes on the Futurama set due in January (not that I've really made up my mind here, but it is funnier than the Simpsons - possibly because I've seen it less).

So, I resorted to trying to get through at least some of Buffy (two episodes in fact), and failed to accomplish anything else. If things go to plan, tonight is likely to be equally unproductive!

And hopefully tomorrow won't just be a random list of DVDs I've purchased or am planning to...

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