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2001-11-27 Entry: "Hell in a Handbasket"

With no resolution in Afghanistan, America are already looking to bomb innocent civilians in Iraq. Another E-mail virus happily collects keystrokes from people dumb enough to think Outlook is secure. Germany already appears to be in a recession (so we're probably not far behind). Planespotters are being charged with even more spying offences. And the government managed to sneak through another repressive set of measures.

Okay, I'm painting a fairly bleak picture here. There is, probably, some good news out there somewhere. I just appear to be missing it all. It doesn't help that the simple bit of code I'm supposed to be writing is dependent upon some mess of a test harness that I can't seem to beat into shape...

No, there's no personal news to comment on - nothing exciting happened last night, so I resorted to watching / encoding more Codename: Eternity. With it on the PC, it should be easier to finish up the couple of transcripts in progress to go with the one already here. Of course, that would entail me actually finishing a project I start... not something that seems to be happening with any regularity at present.

I'm also looking at Emily Short's updated comments on NPCs in Interactive Fiction based upon her 2001 IF Comp entry... maybe it'll spur me on to at least progress in my own work in progress to the point where the NPCs are needed. Unfortunately, they're in the last scene, and I've got four to write before I get there... maybe I can flesh out the one notional one in the current scene to give me some challenge in this area... we'll see.

And absolutely no response to my finalisation of details for Friday's piss-up. It's possible that the mail got lost during the weekend's maintenance (as E-mail was flakey up until end of yesterday), so I guess I'd better send it again, just in case.

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