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2005-04-29 Entry: "Various In Catchup"

After two nights of not cataloguing what I watched, I nearly skipped it tonight as well, but then I nearly didn't watch anything tonight. But after much political back and forth (and some wine) I decided to watch something other than the replay of Bush's press conference...

But first a recap, and Tuesday saw Knight Rider's "Ring Of Fire" which probably qualifies for "most irritating accent" when Michael has to help a young Cajun woman escape from her criminal (and abusive) husband. Of course, driving around the bayou clogs up KITT's electronics something fierce. The only other viewage of the night was Dark Angel's "Haven" which is a pretty good episode, and has Mark Rolston in a small but important part, as Logan and Max get away from it all for the weekend. Max is having medical problems due to the implant, so she's not in full form when they're called on to defend a young boy from a bunch of hoodlums.

Wednesday sees more Dark Angel in "Shorties In Love" which is a pretty memorable episode but isn't really all that good. An old flame of Original Cindy's, Diamond, comes back out of the blue but doesn't reveal that she only has a short time to live. Unfortunately for her, it's shorter than she thinks as she's been infected by Alex Carter with a really nasty virus that'll kill a lot of people unless they get her back in quarantine.

It also saw more of the Knight Rider disc, with "Knightmares" which is the requisite "hero gets amnesia and forgets everything they've done as a hero and thinks they're still the schlub they were before they joined their current team" episode, that might have to be added to the list of required episodes in any show (alongside the clip show and the aircraft show).

The final episode of the night was "Silent Knight" which is the Christmas episode, and Michael has to help a gypsy boy who accidentally gets embroiled in a bank robbery... and avoid going to the company Christmas party (and wearing the hideous tuxedo Devon has acquired for him to wear).

So, on to tonight, and we're done with the Presidential press conference. And when I can drag myself away from my new Su Doku puzzle book I'm watching Quantum Leap. First with "So Help Me God" and Sam has to defend a black woman in the deep south who appears to be guilty of murder.

Then we have "Catch A Falling Star" which sees Sam as an understudy for Don Quixote and having something of a crush on one of the cast-members, who was his piano teacher when he was a boy (and now, as a man, he's in with a chance!). You know, they've either lost or haven't started the roundup of the future that Al gives at the end of an episode... it hasn't been in the last couple - Sam's leaped and we have no idea what happens to those he's helped.

And a leap in to a graveyard (by the grave of John Claridge, and a mausoleum with a woman all in white in the doorway) sees the start of "A Portrait For Troian" which starts out as the first of their silly supernatural episodes but fortunately (if memory serves) doesn't continue that way... we have at least a series to go before that happens...

Ah, okay, maybe it was... we have a genuine ghost story here... the woman is being haunted by her dead husband. And Sam is the ghost hunter trying to find evidence of the ghost. The fun thing here is his equipment is making Al audible to others (and there's a great "Center Me On Sam" gag here).

One more on the disc, but I should get some sleep!

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