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2005-04-27 Entry: "Short Night"

More Dark Angel tonight, in this case "Rising" and the Reds are back... This time they're using Original Cindy as the bait to get Max - they've been told they need X-5 DNA to cure the problems with their implants and prolong their lifespans. Max, being Max, decides that the only way she'll be able to beat two of them at once is to use the third implant herself... except that it'll burn her out in next to no time. Logan rushes to the rescue, which is nearly literal as he's finding he can walk again. Cindy finds out about Max in this episode.

"The Kids Are Aiight" sees the return of Zack, let lose from Manticore so he can lead them to the other X-5s, but Max throws a wrench in their plans. However, some of the others covers have been blown, so they use Eyes Only to warn them all.

One of them fails to get away (Tinga? Or Jondy?) and Zack and Max have to come in for a rescue where all three X-5s take out a bunch of Manticore soldiers. Then there's the usual "Max really should leave Seattle but isn't going to" speech, and a brief sign that Logan's newfound freedom may not last as long as expected.

"Female Trouble" sees Logan going to see a doctor about his back... and finding out his immune system is attacking Max's stem cells and he'll be back in the wheelchair unless they can do something. However, the doctor he's going to see is being hunted by an X-5... one who chose not to leave when the others escaped, Jace. Max manages to save the doctor and capture Jace, but the doctor thinks she can make a deal with Lydecker (stupid woman, especially after she's worked there and knows his methods) over Jace being pregnant.

So we end the Dark Angel and go back to Knight Rider with "Soul Survivor" and KITT gets hijacked by a computer hacker... well, okay, they remove KITT's processor and leave the car on remote control. There's some music that puts Michael to sleep that sounds like it's part of a John Carpenter film soundtrack. And KITT has to settle for being connected to a portable television for the episode!

Ah, they answer the question I had a few episodes back... KITT doesn't need gas, he's got his turbine for power (although, what the turbine runs on? Nuclear?)... of course, they reminded me by having Michael run out of gas in the convertible he's tooling around in this episode.

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