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2005-03-18 Entry: "Star Trek and Anime"

After two nights out and having watched nothing at all, there was a little bit of pressure to get through something tonight. Well, I pretty much failed...

I kicked off with another episode of Star Trek, "Balance Of Terror" - the Romulan episode. This was great - nice tension between the regulars and the guest Romulans, good acting on the part of the Romulan commander (doesn't that guy play Spock's father at some point?), a slight weakness in the predictability of starting with a wedding (and thereby knowing things aren't going to turn out rosy), but otherwise a good well rounded episode.

And then I got distracted... twenty minutes of wandering around trying to decide what to watch next - I probably should have just carried on with the Star Trek, especially as I'm stopping mid-disc, but I felt like a change.

So I put on "Perfect Blue" which pretty much defies summing up. It's anime, and it's about a pop idol, Mimi, who decides to become an actor (or may be pressured into it by her manager). Of course, the fans aren't all that happy about this, and there's a creepy stalker guy, and a website, and an acting job about a girl with multiple personalities who commits murder, and Mimi having delusions or visions or something. Even at the end I'm not sure I understand what exactly happened!

Some moron decided to give it a non-anamorphic transfer to DVD though... and of course, if I zoom the picture I end up cutting off the bottom of the subtitles, so I'm watching a postage stamp on my big screen... perhaps the film makes more sense when seen larger?! Or maybe I'm just being dense this evening!

And I'm going to be extravagant and go to bed and read a book! Lets just hope I decide I don't have to finish the book tonight... which seems to be the pattern...

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