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2005-03-15 Entry: "Skipping "Heroine""

Last two Greatest American Hero episodes (excluding the spin-off pilot, which I should probably save until the end...) starting with "Fire Man" and we're dealing with an arsonist with a big silver flameproof suit (and a flamethrower).

Unfortunately for Ralph's class-member Tony, he's got a job as a repo-man, and repossesses the car which the arsonist owned - so when the police pull him over and find gasoline and the silver suit in the boot, they think he did it. Fortunately he manages to get away and hide out at Ralph's.

Bill and Ralph get followed around by pretty much every agency in existence in the hope that they know where Tony is - and there's a lot of jokes at Ralph's expense about him in the suit. Fortunately, they work out that the government agency that was torched initially was responsible for the rest of the arsons and catch the guy responsible, getting Tony out of gaol.

"The Best Desk Scenario" sees Bill and Ralph testing the suit out in the desert - Bill thinks pyrokinesis is a power that Ralph can exhibit... so Ralph accidentally sets fire to Bill's car! Pam gets a promotion to junior law partner, and Ralph gets promoted to vice principal.

Unfortunately, Pam's promotion isn't a good thing, what with her being held at gunpoint, kidnapped by her boss, and generally inconvenienced. Fortunately for Bill (who's worried he's getting too old for his job, his boss is waaaaay younger than him, and a lot of friends are dying around him) solving the case gets him an offer of a position in Washington...

I'll skip the Heroine spin off until after seasons 2 and 3 where it's supposed to be... and instead watch more Star Trek. In this case, "The Conscience Of A King" which sees a visiting troupe of theatre players on the ship, doing Shakespeare (mainly Hamlet, but the crazy woman quotes from half a dozen plays). However, the lead actor sounds suspiciously like Kodos the Executioner, a guy who killed hundreds of people at a colony many years ago - see, they had to ration food so he killed a bunch to save thousands, but the food shipments arrived earlier than expected, so he wasn't seen in a particularly good light!

Anyway, Kirk isn't sure it's him; his friend (who dies early on) is sure, as is Riley (who makes a comeback after taking over engineering in the Naked Time)... and I don't remember Uhura singing quite as often as she actually does... she's at it again here, although it's her playing the lyre rather than Spock this time.

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