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2005-02-06 Entry: "Buildup To Mars"

Saturday dawned... well, okay, Saturday mid-day-ed and I managed to get up to watch the last three episodes of Two Point Four Children. Still vaguely amusing, but they really need to get an actress for Jenny who's got some comic timing and isn't quite so bratty... hopefully next series is when they change.

Then, I watched more Doctor Who, in this case Ghost Light... more mysterious seventh doctor... and although the storyline takes some watching to make sense, it's a fun little tale.

After then spending an age trying to guess films over here, I decided I'd better get back to Babylon 5 (especially after today's DVD shipment arrived). I need to finish this up a.s.a.p. so I feel freer to start another series.

So we get to "Atonement" where Delenn is recalled to Minbar for some Dreaming ceremony, G'Kar gets given an artificial eye that will still send images to him outside of his body, and Franklin and Marcus are sent to Mars to set up lines of communication.

We get to see a little bit of the prelude to the Earth-Minbari war... we'll come back to this when I finally get to In The Beginning, but for now it's enough to know that the Minbari race is no longer pure (well, duh... Valen was human... he obviously had children... they've had a thousand years).

And we get Marcus singing... yeesh!

Then we get "Racing Mars" and Marcus and Franklin are getting on each others nerves on their trip to Mars, and Ivanova orders Sheridan to take a vacation.

The antagonism between Sheridan and Garibaldi steps up a level... what with a major shouting match. It does however bring Garibaldi to the attention of a mysterious group.

Marcus and Franklin are suitably wound up by Captain Jack, who turns out to be their contact with the Underground. Of course, their new identity has them posing as a married couple, but that's the least of their problems.

Okay, the Minbar have a whole bunch of pointless rituals involved with two people mating, but the night of discovering each other's erogenous zones doesn't seem to be too much of a hardship!

Captain Jack gives an interesting fact here - destroying the keeper doesn't help... it grows back if you try to kill it or even if it leaves on its own...

Okay, the Minbari ceremony where they discover each other's erogenous zones has an audience... okay, they're a bunch of religious caste nuts but still... they pretty much guarantee there's no real sex going on... except maybe for the occasional WhooHoo!

"Lines Of Communication" sees Ivanova setting up The Voice Of The Resistance to counter the ISN lies that are currently being perpetrated... oh, okay, it's really about Franklin and Marcus' negotiations on Mars and Earth's responses.

Meanwhile, the Minbari have a problem... Delenn gets to meet the Drakh... now at least if they were as out of phase as the Shadows, we wouldn't have to put up with quite as much blurry CGI... but they're looking for a new homeworld since they lost their own... and they're not willing to admit that their homeworld was Z'ha'dum...

Ooh, and Delenn isn't much into the whole "we beat you, now go away" principle... they beat the Drakh within an inch of their lives and now they're going back for more! Obviously Delenn gets a completely over the top final line - in this case "End This!" - but it'll have to wait an episode or two...

Considering the branch point here - with Delenn returning to Minbar to try to avert the forthcoming civil war - There's nothing significant about Delenn's future actions, and arguing Sheridan can make a significant impact on the war against Earth is stupid considering his ties to Earth... but at least they get dinner...

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