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2005-02-05 Entry: "Catching Up"

Well, I did well there didn't I... where are we, about a month and already I'm having trouble keeping up... Lets see, what have I watched since the last entry?

Well, there was more Doctor Who in "The Leisure Hive" - a Tom Baker adventure with waaay too much early CGI work. Tom didn't seem to be all that in the mood for it, appearing pretty sullen throughout...

Then I accidentally got sucked into "Sea Of Souls" - I watched the first of the three stories (both parts), which is either called "Shades Of Evil", or "Possession", depending on whether you take the packaging or the DVD menu as gospel... there aren't any titles in the episodes themselves, so someone in the marketing department screwed up somewhere.

Anyway... psychic twins, one of whom is less than stable. Great cast, well acted, and the twins played by the same actress appears to have got to the point where it's completely seamless when they appear on screen together. Of course, one of the twins dies, and we're left with lots of mystery as to which twin it was... and I wasn't expecting the ending, so that was nice. We'll have to see if the other two stories hold up as well.

Tonight saw me indulging in pointless Sci-Fi in "The Fifth Element" - big goofy film, and amazingly I didn't hate Chris Rock's performance tonight, which usually grates on me very rapidly.

And now I'm back in dithering indecision mode... watch something else... go to bed... if I watch something else what do I put on so I don't go waaaaaaay past midnight... I'd quite like to put on something I can keep only one eye on as I'm still frantically entering DVDs over on DVDSpot... link will be forthcoming once I'm done...

Heh, you can tell I've been too long at entering data on DVDs... I've decided to watch Anime, which I obviously can't do if I'm trying to type at the same time, as I need to read the subtitles. So here we are with Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Volume 2. Cue Saga, the young extremely organized girl, who accidentally finds a fairy one day. Said fairy, Sugar, is an apprentice, and has to find a seed and then a twinkle to make it grow (or bloom or flourish or something). It's been a while since I saw the first disc. Anyway, Saga's life is pretty much turned upside-down by the waffle fiend Sugar.

Anyway, here we get the introduction of the Elder fairy, who's apparently in love with Ginger... the rain fairy that was around earlier.

Okay, this show is way beyond cute... and it was definitely written with small children in mind. But it's still really endearing, and the animation is gorgeous...

But I really have to get back to something serious tomorrow!

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