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2005-01-07 Entry: "More B5..."

More B5... and we open with the former President's physician on the run, and the crew given orders to shoot to kill in "Hunter, Prey." Dr. Jacobs has apparently abused his security clearance, dug up information on black projects, and is planning to sell it to alien governments.

While Garibaldi keeps an eye on the search, Sheridan tries to get closer to Kosh - learn more about him, and why he appeared in his mind while trapped on the Stribe ship. Haig sends an operative to tell Sheridan to protect Jacobs - the Doctor knows that the Vice President wasn't sick when he left EarthForce One prior to its explosion.

Garibaldi and Franklin go searching for Jacobs, who manages to get himself captured by a thug in Down Below. Kosh agrees to teach Sheridan about Sheridan... until he is ready to fight legends - which makes about as much sense as anything Kosh does...

Next episode, and merchandising sounds like a good idea to the guys back home, and a Minbari steals the Captain's link, provoking an incident that leads to the death of another Minbari. With an episode called "There All The Honour Lies" we know it's going to be a Minbari heavy episode.

Delenn puts Lennier on the case, while Garibaldi gets stonewalled. Everything appears to hinge on the fact that Minbari never lie. And Earth send a lawyer to defend the Captain... because Earthdome has decided to go along with an indictment against him.

Kosh gives Sheridan a lesson - he's taken to one of the worst parts of Down Below, shown a dark crawlspace, and expected to enter. Kosh describes it as "One moment of perfect beauty" which tells you nothing, as usual. After his moment, he describes it to Ivanova as "Beauty, in the dark" so his lessons seem to be working!

Vir gets word from Centauri Prime that he will be replaced, because aide to Londo is now a prestigious position. Londo also has a problem when he sees the merchandise, and wants it stopped due to its lack of anatomical correctness. Fortunately, Londo also knows about the loophole in that whole "No Lying" thing.

In what is a really annoying episode, "And Now For A Word..." ISN are making an exclusive report on B5, interviewing everyone and generally doing a hatchet job on the command staff and ambassadors.

Meanwhile, the Narn and Centauri conflict heats up around the station, when weapons of mass destruction are found on a Centuari ship, and the Narn start attacking all Centauri ships around the station.

The only other interesting element of the show is the ad break in the episode, where the advert for the Psi-Corps, with the subliminal message (The Psi Corps Is Your Friend. Trust The Corps) embedded in it, is shown.

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