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2005-01-06 Entry: "Just The One (Mrs Wembley)?"

"Acts Of Sacrifice" sees the Narn - Centauri war heating up. G'Kar asks the Humans and Minbari to intervene to stop the Centauri attacking civilians. Meanwhile, the Limati arrive at the station and Ivanova has to persuade them to sign on as part of the League.

The Narn on the station get provoked by the Centauri and a killing takes place on both sides. G'Kar finds his authority with the Narn challenged. Londo is searching the station for a real friend.

The Limati feel that you shouldn't aid genetically inferior species, so of course they're against MedLab, but when they finally get to see Down Below, they're impressed that the Humans have isolated the genetically inferior in their own species, and agree to a deal. Unfortunately sealing a deal in the Limati culture involves having sex...

Sheridan finds a way to aid the Narn on the QT, at least with food, medicine, and limited evacuation.

And Ivanova gives the silliest sex scene outside of the diner scene in "When Harry Met Sally."

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