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2005-01-04 Entry: "Just The Four"

Dwight Schultz makes hit B5 debut in "The Long Dark," where an old Earth ship, the Copernicus, drifts into range of the station. It was launched back in the 21st Century, with the crew put in cryogenic suspension. Fortunately, one of the crew survived, and Franklin manages to revive her.

But the ship has picked up another passenger during its journey - some sort of Shadow creature that Dwight Schultz has faced before...

Okay, the Shadow creature is pretty goofy looking when you finally get a shot of it, but it's otherwise a reasonably good episode.

It's followed by "Spider In The Web" which sets up lots of threads that never pay off. San Diego is even more of a wasteland in this episode than it is currently, but it is where mysterious black ops agency Bureau 13 operate out of (at least for this episode, before they permanently disappear).

Meanwhile, Talia Winters has to help broker a deal between the Mars Provisional Government and Taro Isogi, a wealthy businessman from Earth. However, he's killed by the Bureau 13 operative in Talia's presence.

Okay, and tea is Garibaldi's third favourite thing in the universe. And this may be the first appearance of Zack Allen - I don't remember having seen him up to now anyway...

Then we have "Soul Mates" where Londo's wives (Daggair, Timov, and Mariel) come to the station, as does Matt Stoner, Talia's ex-husband. Delenn has hair troubles.

Londo's celebrating the 30th anniversary of his Ascension day, and the Emperor has allowed him to divorce two of his wives, and he has to decide which of the three to keep.

And Matt Stoner is claiming he's left Psi-Corp, because experiments on him have caused him to lose his telepathic abilities. But he does appear to be very persuasive...

Finally, in "A Race Through Dark Places" Earthforce have decided to start charging Sheridan and Ivanova rent for their "larger than necessary" quarters.

Meanwhile, Bester comes to the station looking for the telepath Underground Railroad. I think this is the last time Bester's allowed to come in with no drugs or opposing telepaths to counter his attempts to scan the command staff. And chief telepath in the railroad was a bit character a few episodes ago... Oh, and Ironheart didn't just give Talia telekinetic abilities, she can apparently block Bester's scans.

And Delenn wishes to go to dinner with the Captain (apparently to get to know humans better... yeah, right!).

Oh, and a relationship that they only hint at, starts in this episode...

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