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2005-01-03 Entry: "No DVDs"

The lack of update yesterday has been due to me not watching any DVDs either yesterday or today. I started yesterday with the end of the 100 greatest horror moments which I'd recorded... other than missing The Exorcist, the top 7 were fairly easy to guess.

Then I bounced around watching bits of films here and there, before finishing Sam And Max and then starting Escape From Monkey Island. Today I've done much the same... playing Monkey Island, and bouncing around watching bits of films.

Okay, Nicholas Cage going progressive nuts in Vampire's Kiss is plenty silly.

But back to plan A, and we open season 2 with "Nouveau Depart".... Ah, here we hit a problem, as my copy of season 2 came with the insert in French, which makes the episode titles a problem... let me see, this should be "Points Of Departure" in which the Agamemnon comes to Babylon 5 to drop of Captain John Sheridan, the new commander now that Geoffrey Sinclair has decided to disappear off to Minbar.

Of course, he's not the best person to be dealing with a renegade Minbari warship that's been spotted in Earth controlled space. Especially as he was the only one during the war that had some success against the Minbari in the war (having destroyed the Black Star - their flagship - in a cunning trap... well, okay, he mined an asteroid field).

Garibaldi is still in a coma, Delenn is still in her crysalis, and G'Kar is still off looking for answers about Quadrant 37.

Amazingly, after Kalain - Sinoval's second in command during the war - shows up and gets captured, Lennier explains everything to Sheridan... what happened at the Battle of the Line with Sinclair, why the Minbari surrendered...

Oh, and Warren Keffer makes his first appearance. Not that he'll be around for long.

Episode 2 is "Revelations" which fortunately (as I'm not putting accented characters in my titles), is the same in French and English. G'Kar discovers the Shadows at Z'ha'dum, Franklin and Sheridan wake Garibaldi with the alien healing device, Delenn finally breaks out of her cocoon, and we get back to a full crew complement.

John's younger sister Elizabeth comes to visit. A brief mention of his wife Anna gets made. Londo meets with Mr Morden and agrees to inform him about any news of the Rim.

They catch the guy who shot Garibaldi, but the new President whisks him off to Earth before he can be suitably interrogated. G'Kar's investigation of Z'ha'dum ends in tragedy when Londo warns them of the coming ship, and Delenn gets some hair.

Then we have "La Geometrie Des Ombres" or "The Geometry Of Shadows," an episode title that translates properly. And the technomages come to Babylon 5. Of course, they're planning to disappear ahead of the coming war, but Londo wants to meet with them first.

The Drazi make for one of the most entertaining B stories in the series - they're going through their 5 year leadership contest between the green and the purple. And Sheridan decides that Ivanova is up to the task of resolving it (especially with her promotion to Commander) - peacefully!

Garibaldi has a crisis of confidence over whether he should go back to work as chief of security. Vir shows a little bit of backbone when he's required to ask the technomages if they'll meet with Londo.

And finally (as I'm back at work tomorrow and should get some sleep first) is "Une Etoile Eloignee"... which might make more sense as "A Distant Star." It's about an explorer class ship visiting B5, and one of the Captain's old friends trying to persuade him to go back out and explore rather than get stuck in an admin job. Of course, the ship goes missing in hyperspace and they have to come up with a crazy scheme for the Star Furies to rescue it. And Keffer gets to see something of a shadow ship, starting his year long efforts to get it on camera. Of course, Keffer also gets to be squadron leader, but only because the Shadow ship manages to kill Commander Dallas.

Franklin puts everyone on a diet... which leads to major rebellions by the command staff. But he relents for Garibaldi after finding out about his birthday meal.

And we'll pick up tomorrow (or whenever I next feel like watching DVDs) with "L'Ennemi Du Passe" which probably makes more sense in English...

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