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2004-12-22 Entry: "Part One"

Tonight's entry - a single episode of Buck Rogers - "The Plot To Kill A City: Part 1." You know, on the theme tune scale of great shows, this at least is pretty hummable, but it still didn't help the show survive more than a series and a half (of course, we could blame Hawkman for that... and we probably will when we get that far).

Anyway, it's still watchable after all these years... at least as long as you accept that it's going to be camp and kitschy as hell and go along with that.

Now, for someone who refuses to join the Earth Defence Directorate (or whatever they're called), Buck sure does go along with their crazy schemes pretty easily. But then, when Twikki has just been nearly blown up (or he gets to go gambling) he's a bit of a sucker.

So, Buck has to pretend to be an assassin, so he can meet up with a whole bunch of assassins, and discover what they plan to do to Earth. Of course, Wilma has to go along separately, seduce one of the other assassins, and discover their plans on her own. And of course, Buck's mission goes completely wrong from step one.

And what's with the fact that the evil empath woman can't tell that Buck is lying through his teeth the whole time?!

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