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2004-12-21 Entry: "A Change Of Focus"

For those who hadn't noticed, it's been an absolute age since this was updated. Not a lot has changed, but most of my free time is taken up watching DVDs, and I've not felt like a good rant in a while... probably too despondent about the election - and yes, how on earth this country can call itself a democracy is beyond me; it was the most corrupt election I've ever seen!

Anyway, with the long break, and not feeling too much like writing long entries, I've decided to at least start cataloging the DVDs, films, and TV shows I watch... It'll sort of be Graveyard-lite (and yes, I'm still very slowly adding things to the Graveyard... I keep getting distracted by other shiny toys!). It may be interspersed with actual content some of the time, but don't count on it!

So, for today's viewing:

Batfink - "Pink Pearl Of Persia"

It's been soooo long since I saw this show - I'd remembered the "wings are like a shield of steel" but I'd completely forgotten about the "super sonic sonar radar." Not the greatest animation, but it brings back memories. And this opening episode isn't all that good.

Batfink - "The Short Circuit Case"

"That Mad Scientist is mad!" Okay... the first appearance of Hugo A Go Go, except his name isn't mentioned once in the episode... here he's just a mad scientist in his clifftop observatory.

Dungeons And Dragons - "Servant Of Evil"

You know, this show really needed a pilot episode, but here we are at episode 8 (I watched the first disk about a month ago, but the huge great boxed set is taking up waaaay too much shelf space, so I need to get some more done). And oh dear god, it's Bobby's birthday. Unfortunately, when he's chasing one of the presents, everyone else is kidnapped by Venger's lizardmen, and thrown in his Prison Of Agony. Fortunately, a handy amulet from Dungeon Master and a reluctant giant make an escape possible. The lava dragon is pretty cool, but Strongheart, the guy with the magic hammer is really pointless to the story.

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century - "Vegas In Space"

I got thrown by the first side of this disk, as I assumed "Planet Of The Slave Girls" was a normal length episode rather than a feature length monstrosity. But it's either this or Battlestar Galactica... A kidnapped programmer on Sinaloa could ruin a prominent businessman who everyone wants to arrest for criminal activity. Fortunately, he wants the girl rescued and will not only turn himself in, but provide information on the new Hatchet fighter that's causing the combat computers on the Earth fighters a problem. Fortunately for Buck, the plan involves going to a casino and gambling, so he jumps at the chance.

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