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2002-08-13 Entry: "Apartment Chaos"

Monday (the 5th), and chaos reigns. I've been told deliver will be between eight and ten in the morning, which might be fine if I were sleeping there, but I'm not. So I've got to get up early and drive over there.

I'm there slightly early, and get a chance to look at the carpets (which are pretty worn and dirty looking).

At about 08:40, the truck arrives, and they start bringing up boxes. They're a little more flippant and casual than the bunch who packed it. There are a couple of moments when I'm wondering if marking a box "FRAGILE" has any effect on its treatment.

After dumping everything in the living room, and making sure I've ticked off all the boxes, they leave, leaving me with the unpacking, and just telling me to call to arrange a pickup when I'm done.

Having to work, I abandon it after taking the fragile packages and putting them well out of the way - the packers may be insured to move all this stuff, but I can guarantee the carpet people won't be.

And here's where being a week behind bites - I can't remember the exact chronology of events between Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday as far as unpacking goes, so I'll amalgamate it all into the next entry.

Checking my apartment shows new carpet has indeed been laid (and very nice it is too), and the cable guy may or may not have come - his cheque (for all of a dollar ninety-five) has gone and I can't imagine the carpet people would have taken it...

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