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2002-08-13 Entry: "Driving Around"

Sunday (this would be the 4th), when I finally got going after the previous night's excesses was a day for more furniture shopping / exploration.

I started with the complex of shops by my new apartment. I thought I'd take a closer look at what was there and what they actually sold. There wasn't an electrical goods store, but I did wander round Wal-Mart and be suitably amazed at the diverse range of stuff. I was expecting lots of food. I wasn't expecting car stuff or stuff for the garden.

I then checked the cinema - who strangely don't start showing stuff until 2-ish - what happened to mid-day showings? Especially on a Sunday (my usual prime viewing time as no-one else is there)? But no, starting late definitely seems to be the order of the day.

Feeling vaguely like exploring by this point, I set off towards downtown Dallas. Unfortunately after passing half a dozen major roads I don't recognize, I bottle out, and pull off, turning round and going back to the last major north bound road. My new plan was to head towards the Galleria. Hitting North West Highway (which at least I recognized), I followed that East for a while, sailing past the turning I'd been told furniture places were off of before realizing and having to turn around and go back. Then it was just a short haul north to the furniture shops.

I didn't actually go in the furniture shops. I did go in Best Buy which was next door to get a TV comparison. Unfortunately, theirs were more expensive than the bunch who didn't want my money, so I passed and came home.

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