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2002-06-11 Entry: "Back At Work"

Bah, humbug! After four days off, getting up for work was a real struggle - I knew I should have taken the week off.

Of course, if I had taken the week off, I'd have been forced to attend todays funeral - we've lost yet another grand-relative. Which leaves four grandparents (although, one's a step-grandparent), and three grand-aunt/uncle types (there are probably more of these but I'm incapable of counting).

At the rate I'm going, I'll probably still be here for the next one... but you never know - I may have escaped to the USofA without having attended a single funeral (so I've no idea what happens at one - this shouldn't be a problem as long as I haven't got to organize one in the near future).

Someone should probably grill the still living family members for tree details (so that I can actually attempt to compile one and discover the mysterious Australia connection) while there are still people alive to grill, but I doubt I'll have time to do amidst my running around like a headless chicken pretending things will be ready when I leave!

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