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2002-06-11 Entry: "Queen, Day Four"

Note: In an attempt to catch up with today (which is now seven entries behind), the following entries are going to be rather scatty...

Day four of this everlasting weekend, and the Queen gets a parade - well, she gets the Notting Hill Carnival, a few floats, and some snarky comments from David Dimbleby (or the other one... whichever Dimbleby works for the BBC).

Not that I watched a great deal of it. Snippets here and then while bored with Cupid - which I eventually managed to finish, Channel 5 fuzziness and all. Which only leaves Strange Luck on the "these would be quite nice to have but are a bit fuzzy" pile. Which just leaves the "well, we'll get to them if there's time" and the "I know there was something on here I wanted, but I've no idea what" piles - I know two shows that make an appearance in these (the Fugitive and the Net), but I'm not sure where... too many tapes, too little time...

Tuesday evening involved the pub trip arranged on Saturday, and much fun was had by all (well, at least, I had fun, I can't really answer for the others...). Of course, I did have to sit in the pub for half an hour due to a culinary disaster (apparently, trying to cook rice without water doesn't really work all that well!), but other than that it was fine...

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