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2002-05-30 Entry: "Visa Application - Attempt 1"

Monday, and I'm bouncing back and forth between software for two different teams. It'd be nice if I'd actually be allowed to finish one of them before starting on the other, but no...

And then, a call from home saying a package from DHL has arrived for me. As I wasn't expecting any DVDs that day (not that DHL send them) which must have been the first Monday in like, forever, I requested it be opened post haste (or post opened hastily or something).

Anyway, it sounded suspiciously like my Visa application documents. Which means I might actually make the June 17th start date we're currently threatening. Okay thought I, this is good.

Then I got home and actually looked at the things. Ignoring the blurb about the Phone Company and their profits, there were three copies of the blanket application, and a couple of forms that I've got to fill in. The forms for me to fill out look reasonably self explanatory, but reading through the blanket thing I spotted an error.

Of course, I immediately panicked, thinking it'd take them another two weeks to prepare a new set, get them signed by everyone and their aunt, and send them to me. But apparently, it only takes three or four days.

It also might be a hint that my CV should be amended. You see, they'd got my education details wrong, and the only place they could have got those from was my CV (as it wasn't one of the questions on the web form). Apparently, if you believe my Visa application, I hold two degrees. Now, I'm fairly sure I've only ever been awarded the one. Admittedly, my CV has two universities listed on it (and they are slightly different degrees, so both are specified), but there's only one grade at the end of it... maybe I need to put an "incomplete" or something after the first one? It'd save some confusion I guess... and would prevent obvious problems like this from occurring (they could have just asked me though!).

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