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2002-05-30 Entry: "Shorter"

After the entry from hell, we're back to our usual programming. Sunday was Grand Prix day - Monaco was the venue, and a good race it was. Unless you listen to the motorcycle commentators on the other channel, who summed it up with "Coulthard won after leading from the start."

Which doesn't really sell it does it. But it was one of the better races this season. The leader didn't manage to pull out a huge lead and then just drive around all afternoon with nary a threat. There was suspense (okay, there was clouds of oil pouring out of the back of the McLaren), there were morons (I think the award has to go to Barichello, for his poor overtaking maneuver that cost him a trip to the pits for a new nose, a trip through the pits for dangerous driving, and a stop go penalty for something equally silly), there were tense battles for position (1 and 2, 4 and 5, 6 and 7) - or at least, there would have been if it were at all possible to overtake at Monaco.

And, for possibly the first time ever, the McLaren team got their pit strategy right and kept the lead. As that's usually where they throw it away, things they may be a-changing... although probably not. We'll probably be back to Ferrari as usual at Canada.

Meanwhile, in the video transfer, I finished Dark Skies (hooray!). Having emptied my hard disk, I had space for what I thought were three of the last four episodes, but the fourth was mysteriously on the tape as well - what moron labelled these? Oh yeah, that would be me.

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