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2002-04-09 Entry: "Two From The Weekend"

Two items of note were observed over the weekend. The first left me surprised; the second left me ranting at the television.

Actually, the second might have been Friday... I can't quite remember; anyway as I wanted to rant, it was obviously an idiotic politician.

Unfortunately, it was our idiotic Prime Minister, who has apparently decided that winning elections involves telling American citizens what they want to hear rather than listening to public opinion back home. I'm sorry Fozzie, but war with Iraq is a stupid idea. And when did the war on terror become a war on weapons of mass destruction and states who may at one time have considered developing them? Ask any of the UN inspectors, and they'll all tell you there's no evidence that Iraq has these weapons. For heavens sake sort out Israel, but leave Iraq alone...

The surprising item was the queue for the Queen Mother - people were queueing for 12-14 hours. Twelve hours standing in line just to look at a coffin with a sheet over it (it might have been some flag or standard, but the TV pictures just gave the impression of a multi-coloured sheet). I'm guessing there really were people who liked her! Makes a bit of a mockery of the "Abolish the monarchy" argument...

Nothing else of note happened over the weekend... or if it did I've conveniently forgotten it...

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