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2002-04-08 Entry: "Unknown Responsibility"

Well, Friday and today proved interesting on the Dallas front anyway. After contacting the person who was supposed to be locally responsible (based on the list of people sent by the girl in the US who's coordinating it all), her reply seemed to indicate that she knew nothing about me or the transfer. This wasn't particularly heartening.

Fortunately, after clarifying with her what was going on, she could point me at the correct person. Who the claimed not to be the correct person, and directed me to yet another.

There may have been yet another level of indirection there - tracking through the mails is a bit of a mess, but you get the idea. If it takes that much work just to find out who my local contact is, I'm feeling rather doomed from the outset.

Apparently however, the contact of the shipping company is correct based upon me getting management approval; so at least we've got that far. This also means I should see a contract some time in the near future - fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I've got to put the shippers (who are coming to inspect the place tomorrow) off for a bit; at least until I've got a date.

Hooray - progress... now I've just got to find out how much stuff I can take and have it sorted out by tomorrow evening...

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