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2002-04-03 Entry: "Bank Holidays"

I really don't understand bank holidays. You go for months with nothing, and then two come along at once. Admittedly, these are based on some pseudo-mythical religious mumbo-jumbo and aren't just arbitrary bank holidays, but still. You think they'd spread the schedule a bit.

Anyway, this strange bank holiday fest must mean a holiday dedicated to eating far too much and watching really old films on TV. Friday, however, didn't actually get to that, as recording more video to CD seemed to be more important. I'm making steady progress but I'm starting to get convinced I won't actually finish and should try to limit myself to the shows I might actually watch again.

Progress however, is being made, and if I discard the shows which aired on Channel 5, I should make it. Unfortunately, I quite like the Channel 5 shows (Cupid, Strange Luck, The Others), but the picture is quite fuzzy in places, and trying to digitize it may end in disaster. Eventually it'll get to the point where I have to test it, but we'll keep going with the watchable ones first.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to rapidly cut back on things I'm taping at the moment. I mean, what's the point of taping it if I'm sitting there watching the thing and a DVD release is assured in the next year or so? Which means I've suddenly got more blank tapes than I know what to do with. Presumably these are going to have to be disposed of before I cross the Atlantic, but how do you get rid of video tapes? Is there a video tape graveyard somewhere? Do you just bag them up and leave them for the dustmen? Take them to the dump? Palm them off on family members? No idea at this point. Just one of those many questions that'll need to be answered before some time later this year (date still pending).

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