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2002-03-28 Entry: "Shipping News"

Strangely, I have a company trying to arrange to ship all my furniture to Dallas for me. I'm not sure what's going on, as I thought, after discussion about how much I was taking, that airfreight would be the entirety of it. It's not as if I actually have any furniture to take.

But no. This company not only want to arrange shipping, but they want to visit the house to check access and to see quite how much stuff there isn't.

Now, if I'd gone for the seafreight option (where I'd actually have a reasonable shipping allowance of a container full), then there wouldn't be a problem. But the airfreight option gives me something like two cubic meters of stuff (or 338 Kg or something like that in weight) - which is miniscule.

And I can't think what I need to take, what I'd like to take, and what I just shouldn't bother with. As far as bulky things are concerned, I've got a small amount of crockery (and a saucepan - I might even have a baking dish, but I'm not sure), a PC system unit (and apparently a monitor, as the sticker on the back seems to indicate it'll survive being plugged into a 100V AC outlet), and five speakers (a proper surround sound system, so the front left and right are proper free standing things, rather than midget speakers - I'll need a new decoder / amp, but the speakers don't need to be replaced). On top of that, I'll have some clothes, CDs / DVDs carefully removed from boxes and stored in nice sensible CD carrycases which take 200 disks, and I guess a handful of books (just to get me up to quota).

So why on earth do they need to visit the house to check access? Oh yes, we're not sure we'll be able to get that monitor around those tricky corners and out the front door! That book won't fit through that gap there! I don't think so. But, as they insisted, I arranged a visit date... now all I need to do is actually sort out precisely what I'm taking, so their visit is proven worthless.

But hey, it's not as if I understand ninety per cent of what's going on for this move! I've read the "How to get a Texas Drivers License" webpage, which was less than helpful, and I've looked at the social security stuff, but I need a Visa before I can apply for that, and I've code that needs to be finished before I go giving me "Unresolved symbol" errors which really shouldn't be unresolved, but the compiler seems to have thrown away a definition from earlier without an explicit undefine...

Me, panicked? Not yet, but I'm sure to get a little more flustered as things spiral further into chaos!

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