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2002-03-26 Entry: "Weekend Blues"

Another slow weekend, where I failed to accomplish any of the many jobs I really should be doing - I've got some shopping to do that isn't all that urgent but requires going into Reading, and I just can't be bothered with the traffic on a Saturday. Hopefully the bank holiday weekend will lead to everyone going to the beach and not shopping, making the shops a little clearer this Saturday coming. We shall see.

As I don't appear to be able to remember a single thing from the day (I bought a newspaper, I made a reasonable attempt at the crossword, other than that, complete blur), I'm pretty much skipping Saturday. Sunday wasn't much better, but a few things of note stood out.

Firstly, the boat film was on the BBC - I watched the last two hours and found it fairly reasonable. It's possible that the dull love story leading up to the iceberg ruins what could be quite a good film, and coming in where I did left me with a reasonably good feeling about it. It could have done without Celene's theme playing over it in places, but at least I missed the horrible "King of the world" bit. Interesting cast spot - the actor playing the guy who designed the ship also plays Sydney's father in Alias.

I then had to miss Wolf Lake. Someone was determined to see live cricket (which we failed to win anyway), so I had to miss it... and instead watch the next episode of 24 (3am-4am, I think). I thought 24 was a really good concept when it first came on; the first couple of episodes were quite good. It would have been better on a station that broadcast adverts, but even with that, our advert breaks are shorter than the Americans', so it'd still probably not run correctly to time. It also would have been better if it hadn't been quite so contrived - admittedly the character played by Kiefer Sutherland comes across as a moron, but every character seems to be living under Murphy's Law (and not the one about playing leapfrog with a unicorn). The number of convenient near misses in this show is getting silly.

I'm also not sure how to treat 24 as regards my Graveyard project (which, at some point, will get another update) - technically it's a short lived series. It's only 24 episodes, and that's the lot. But, see, it's only supposed to be 24 episodes. There isn't supposed to be more storyline that the show gets cancelled before being able to reveal. So I guess I'm going to have to decide exactly what my focus is - I'm probably going to come down on the shows cancelled or not renewed side, rather than including 24 (and any other show which is a deliberately short lived mini-series). Now I just need to check if I've erroneously included any shows which fall in the latter camp.

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