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2002-03-13 Entry: "Crazy Quotage"

I'm not sure whether it's politicians, americans, or the combination of the two, but this quote from some US senator was suitably moronic. Talking about BP, and the possiblities of opening up more of Alaska to drilling for oil, he said:

"Yeah, BP are environmentally friendly, I mean, Beyond Petroleum, they paint everything green..."

Huh?! They paint everything green so they must be environmentally friendly? So all those green cars out there don't pollute - save the planet, drive a green car!

Especially when the company have parts that they can't replace as no-one produces them any more...

Meanwhile, gum still swollen, Phone Company confirmed they weren't issuing a pay rise this year, and I still have no date for Dallas (but at least it's being chased up now)!

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