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2002-03-12 Entry: "Employee Opinions"

The Phone Company recently held an employee survey. All the usual topics covered - motivation, quality, etc. When they collated the results, they found that a large number of people are disatisfied. Well isn't this a suprise?! And now they want to have a meeting where we discuss why we're all disatisfied... that'll be a waste of an hour. If the management can't spot the problems then they're in the wrong job...

Admittedly, I'm a little more cynical than most; I was probably fairly harsh on the survey, and I'm fairly sure that anything raised in the meeting this afternoon will have no effect whatsoever on policy.

Employees feel unrewarded - this after being told that no-one will get a payrise this year. Bonuses will allegedly go up, but as performance is levelled across sites, there's no real impetus to outperform other teams.

Employees don't know what their customers want - this after introducing a new requirements management process that gives no more information than the previous one.

Employees feel that the continuous learning that's touted in the company is a joke - unsuprising when there's no money for training courses.

Anyway, enough bitching about things I can't change... onto more trivial things:

Firstly, three websites; The first is one of those so called personality tests, in this case, Which Star-Crossed Marvel Lover Are You? It's only five questions so shouldn't take too long; admittedly there were a couple of answers I was unsure of, but trying alternatives didn't appear to change my result, so either it always produces Rogue, or my other answers tipped it regardless of the indicision.

Secondly, an amusing move in the war on terror in Afghanistan.

And finally, have you ever wondered how the stick man feels about having to pose for all those signs he appears on? Well, read his diary here.

And on a final note, although blinding pain hasn't yet returned, my gum feels like someone's tried to hide a golf ball in it. Must see dentist... must see dentist...

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