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2002-02-14 Entry: "Pancakes and Valentines"

Two archaic celebrations in one week. And, unsurprisingly, I'm not celebrating either. We skipped the pancakes as they're a hassle to have to mix and make; they might be delicious, but it's still a lot of fuss. Meanwhile, Valentine's day is the other time of the year when being single is not the done thing (the other, obviously being New Year's Eve). So no celebrations all round.

I'm not even entirely sure where the two festivals come from. Pancake Day is technically just Shrove Tuesday and therefore Christian in origin. It's supposed to be giving up eggs for Lent - not that I'm really sure why eggs are the thing given up. They must have some significance somewhere...

Valentine's Day is a crass marketing ploy to sell cards and plush bears holding big red hearts, as I'm guessing Saint Valentine had very little to do with lovers and flowers. Presumably Valentine was the patron saint of happy couples or trite demonstrations of affection or something like that. Me, cynical? Never!

And on this festive night - the musical episode of Buffy. Sky have actually capitulated to showing the proper (full length) version, rather than the butchered for syndication affair that fits into a proper time slot. Of course, being Sky, they'll show it in the wrong aspect ratio, so everyone will be off screen half the time, but that's to be expected. As it's also Question Time night, I'm guessing there'll be a political rant tomorrow. Unless I fall asleep during it, or they don't cover anything at all rant worthy (in which case, I may have to settle for ranting about the stupid proposal of letting mercenary companies do UN peacekeeping work - not that it needs a rant, it's patently stupid without having to analyze the pros and cons).

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