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2002-02-13 Entry: "Movement (Almost)"

I actually managed to send a quick mail to the HR girl yesterday. Progress apparently has been made on my transfer - the line manager in Dallas is now awaiting my CV (which I'll have to update tonight, as it's still a little ragged). Hopefully this will see the start of proper movement (although, I doubt it).

Meanwhile, my computer is still moderately sick - the sound only seems to be compromised when I try to record it. I can't seem to find any sort of fix for this, so I might have to try some more drastic measures (like changing the PCI slot it's in) - updating to the latest drivers left me unable to change the settings, as apparently I no longer have permissions over a driver I installed! At least I can get around that by going back to an earlier version.

The other problem with it seems to be lack of proper mixer. I'm not convinced it's actually responding when I tell it which input to record from (and so, I was managing to record no sound for a while last night). After messing around for a while, I had it recording the sound, but also recording a high pitched whine that was about three times louder than the sound from the TV signal. So, back to the drawing board...

With my father away on business training, I'll apparently have free reign on the Sky box tonight, so I have the difficult choice between Now And Again (which I've missed the last two episodes of due to football) or Alias (which I could catch on the weekend repeat). Not sure which I'll go for at the moment...

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